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Exhibition/sale/flash event “Private experience” organised by Studio Epis and the Design Circus group on the 15th of February, in HUS Gallery, via San Fermo 19, Milan, Italy, in famous Brera quarter.

“Private Experience” is an event on invitation only, where taste, design and art contaminate each other in a unique sensorial path.


Exhibition organised by Fooddesignstories and Cement Design Showroom during the Brera Design Days, from the 10th to the 12th of October included.

Experience with cement, toners, every designer has been invited to create unique objects for the table.

In my case, I’ve created an object called Keramis:

Keramis lends itself as a centerpiece or decorative element in its own right; it can be produced in different specimens and colors, with or without a mold, in a matt or glossy version.
Keramis is inspired by the Byzantine tiles, found since ancient times on the roofs of houses in the region of Northern Greece called Macedonia, the land of Alexander the Great.
I used a tile from the village of Assiros, a few kilometers from the city of Thessaloniki, which I then covered with the material provided by Cement Design, adding natural pigments, the same as those used to make the icons of the Greek Orthodox rite.
I wanted to recreate the patina left by time on the Byzantine tile, which accompanies our senses on an ideal journey through the centuries of this mysterious and fascinating region, in which the stories and destinies of the Southern Mediterranean intertwine … .. the Italy, France, Greece, ancient Byzantium, modern Istanbul.

My NOM VE lamp will also be there, surrounding with it’s warm reflections the objects created for the event.

Cement Design Showroom, via Solferino 42, Milan.