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I’m an independent product, UX designer & illustrator (with experience in International cooperation & development) focused on limited edition handcrafted unique objects.

My main preoccupation and passion is conceive original functional pieces manufactured by local communities around the world (Africa, Asia & Europe), using natural materials. I transform and preserve abandoned pieces carrying a rich history and story, living through a new function and life once restored and re-worked. I create products inspired by nature, history, literature, people and culture and try to apply the principles of circular economy every time I conceive an object.

What is very important to me is the preservation of cultural heritage and knowhow, the poverty eradication, the economic and sustainable development of developing countries.

I take orders for one-off signature pieces and I love participating in social development projects.

Have a nice trip through the site and be impregnated by the ambient lights and colors!

Andromachi Lykartsi