The name of the wastebin is a reference to drops of organic fuel and water, two inseparable elements though antithetic.

« Drop » in English also means « to drop something ».  When we want to get rid of something we drop it.

This time we put it in the bin, an action which helps to protect the environment.

Wastebin for offices or homes.

Materials used: natural rattan, naturally pigmented colored rattan, wood, metal logo incised plate colored by a painter and retained with rattan strips.

(Prototype realized within the framework of the Project Sustainable development of a Major Entreprise in Congo. Categories of craftsmen implicated: basket-maker, ironworker, painter, carpenter).

*The prototype is protected by WIPO, Geneva, Switzerland.
Copyright © 2009, Andromachi Lykartsi
Rattan left under the sun to dry
Cleaning the rattan
Detail “DROP” © 2009, LYKARTSI