“IJUM” handbag can be reproduced on order in different fabrics:
-Kimono fabric, Indonesian, Chin, Kachin, Myanmar, African…

All combinations are not casual, but studied to give versatile versions of the bag, suiting different outfits. Large range of colours, style, play with them, your bag will only be more personal and original!

You can choose among different combinations or create your own. Available fabrics, here: https://wordpress.com/block-editor/page/makhidesign.wordpress.com/151

The bag exists in three sizes, SMALL, MEDIUM and LARGE. For any information, please contact me via email, thank you.

*The prototype is protected by WIPO, Geneva, Switzerland.
Copyright © 2010, Andromachi Lykartsi
Kachin fabric
Kachin fabric
Indonesian fabric
Kimono fabric