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Sea sponges, nature inspiration & cultural heritage…

During my last vacations in Limnos island, I had the chance to meet one of the lasts traditional scuba divers (he’s in his late 90’s) who used to plonge in the sea for sponge research in the traditional costume. This activity, using traditional motor boats, has been developed during the 18th and 19th century and from 1922 till the late 1980’s in the village of Nea Koutali in Limnos.

I don’t want to deepen the historic part (which is also very interesting) because it’s not the subject of my post and this isn’t a touristic and historic website, I leave this to specialists who know better their subject.

I just wanted to talk about inspiration and nature and I’ve found these sponges extremely interesting for their shapes and fine details.


Take a look at the small extremities on the contour of the sponges, on the pores and different shapes of every one.


They are aesthetically high and it’s all natural!

Of course, it’s a very emotional moment, when one has in hand these exact sponges and thinks about the difficulties and daily life risks during their extraction from the sea.

I’m certain something sooner or later will come out of these fine objects!

Many thanks to the last scuba diver from Nea Koutali in Limnos island and to the Museum of Maritime Tradition and Sponge Fishing (“The exhibits are mostly donations and demonstrate the cultural sensitivity of people in Koutali, who first granted antiques to the school of their community and later everything they had at home as their cultural heritage.”)!!!

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