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Myanmar handcrafted cooking tool

When I was living in Myanmar, in Yangon, I’ve been very lucky to work with different craftsmen. Well, if you’re reading this post you know it already, these are not big news…

One fine day, one of them came knocking on my door and when I asked which was exactly the reason of his visit, he turned his back and show me the following object:

The front part of the kitchen tool

He said that he carried it through the jungle on his back from the upper part of Myanmar (Shan State if I remember, I am not sure) and that it was a fine exemplary of the traditional handicraft of the region, used for cooking. The dark color of the “pan” was due to the heat and long use.

I like a lot the fine work of the object as well as the different patterns and mixed technique.

The back of the kitchen tool

He added that since I was interested in the local handcraft of his country he had to give me this object, even though he cherished it a lot (it must not have been very comfortable to carry around on one’s back through the jungle). He said he trusted me to keep this in good condition.

I’ve been really touched by this gesture and to be honest I’m not sure to have all this merit. I’m profoundly thankful to this man with whom (together with his team) we worked for the woodwork of my  “PADDY”, FLOOR LAMP

Through this page I’d like to thank him for his kindness. I promise I’ll always keep it safe.

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